Relationships Matter! They matter at work and they matter in life!

The Harvard longitudinal study on adult development spanning more than 75 years, researched what keeps people happy and healthy. An important finding is that good close relationships matter for happiness and health and living in conflict is bad for health. Developing good close relationships is therefore of primary importance and is foundational to a good life of well-being and satisfaction at work and in life.

Effective leaders recognise the importance of building relationships. Kouzes and Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge (2008) state that “When leadership is a relationship founded on trust and confidence, people take risks, make changes, keep organisations and movements alive.” Keeping significant relationships healthy, positive and collaborative is central to leadership effectiveness at work.

It therefore makes good sense to invest in building good healthy relationships both at work and in life. What is important in the development of healthy relationships is self and other-awareness, trust, open communication and mutual respect.

The Birkman Method, more specifically the Birkman Signature Report and the Birkman Comparative Report, can help you lay a strong foundation for the building of healthy relationships at work. They can also be useful when contextualised for application to building good close personal relationships such as with couples, partners or spouses.

The Birkman Method profiles an individual’s personality and motivations and facilitates a clearer understanding of an individual’s Interests, Needs, Usual Behaviours and Stress Behaviours.

The Birkman Tool that facilitates this is the Birkman Signature Report. This Report facilitates greater self-awareness for personal and professional growth. It also facilitates other-awareness and provides a common language for communication with others that encourages mutual respect and trust in developing good relationships. By acknowledging strengths and challenges, individuals and teams can benefit from the Birkman Method through better communication and an understanding of how to bring one’s best self at work and in relationships. It is also enhances an individual’s understanding of significant others at work and in life and help them to relate to significant others in a way that will bring out their best self at work and in their personal and professional relationships.

The Birkman Comparative Report can help two individuals who need to work closely together, appreciate their similarities and differences and offers recommendations based on their Birkman profiles to consider on how they can work together collaboratively and avert potential disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicts.

Contact Us to learn more about how a coaching conversation with a Certified Birkman Professional using the Birkman Signature Report and the Birkman Comparative Report can be an important investment you make for building good healthy relationships at work and in life.

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