Are you a leader in Senior Management, Middle Management, or an Aspiring Leader seeking to enhance your leadership effectiveness, impact and influence to achieve professional and organisational success? Executive Coaching can help you unleash your potential, surpass your limits, and create new possibilities. The two ICF videos are real life examples of what can be achieved with Executive Coaching.

Unleash Your potential, Surpass Your Limits


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We use the Birkman Method to partner leaders and professionals in all levels of management in their growth and development as Leaders, as a Leadership Team and as a Leader of High Performing Teams.

The Birkman Method is a proven leadership development approach we use to partner leaders and professionals in leadership and management roles to:

  • develop awareness of your strengths, interests, needs and stress behaviours to enable you to bring your best self to work as a leader and professional
  • develop awareness of how your perceptual filters can give rise to unconscious bias in your leadership especially in how you see others who are very different from you, which may give rise to conflicts and impede your leadership effectiveness
  • leverage on your strengths and interests and the strengths and interests of people you are leading and develop strategies for self-care to meet needs to avoid potential stressors and manage stress that arise from unmet needs
  • enhance awareness of the perspectives of your mindset and recognise the extent to which you have realistic expectations of other people’s behaviours and attitudes or how accurately you can interpret social situations
  • recognise how your leadership is perceived by your stakeholders, facilitating the identification of areas for leadership growth to enhance your leadership impact and influence

The Birkman Method also provides great benefits when used in facilitated Birkman Leadership Team Workshops alongside one-to-one Executive Coaching as this provides a common language for conversations and discussions as a Leadership Team on how to work together more effectively. For example:

  • the Leadership Team’s Group Profile of Strengths and Interests can shed light on the interpersonal dynamics of how the Leadership Team is working together and generate discussion on how they can recognise and leverage on the diversity of their different strengths and interests to enhance how they are working as a Leadership Team
  • the Leadership Team’s Group Profile of Needs and Stress Behaviours can help each one recognise their own Needs and Stress Behaviours and those of one another. This can facilitate conversations on how they can support one another especially in relation to meeting their respective Needs to avoid Stress Behaviours to be more effective as a Leadership Team
  • Comparative data can help to bring awareness of each other’s unconscious biases and blind spots especially when they arise from differences in how they perceive themselves and others. This provides a perspective of how conflicts may arise from differences in perceptions and allow for an objective discussion on how to manage such conflicts. Sample pages of a Birkman Comparative Report – provides insights that can be used to bring awareness of two leaders on how they can enhance their working relationships, avert and adopt strategies to manage conflicts. [This can also be useful to facilitate objective discussion on building strong relationships in close personal relationships such as with couples, spouses or partners.]

More information is available here about Leadership Development with the Birkman Method and the Key Birkman Tools used in Leadership Development

Sample pages of Birkman Tools frequently used in Executive Coaching include:

  • Birkman Signature – provides insights on a leader’s Usual Behaviours, Needs, Stress Behaviours and Interests
  • Birkman Mindset – provides insights on a leader’s mindset and their social acuity or how they are able to accurately interpret social situations
  • Birkman 360 – provides insights on stakeholders’ perceptions of a leader’s competencies critical for success

One-on-one Executive Coaching or Leadership Team Workshops using the Birkman Method with one-on-one Executive Coaching are customised according to your organisation’s needs and the needs of your Leadership Team. All one-on-one Executive Coaching are individually tailored to the needs and what each Executive wants to achieve. Executive Coaching with Jungian Sandplay is also individually customised to Executives who want to work at a deeper level to support their development.

Examples of customised Workshops for Leadership Teams or Leaders with their Teams using the Birkman Method include: Bringing out the Best in Your Team; Managing Stress with Birkman; Managing Conflicts with Birkman; Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness with Birkman Mindset


We also partner leaders who want to develop into a Leader and Team Coach of high value-creating teams using the Systemic Team Coaching approach. “A high value creating team is one that meets and communicates in a way that raises morale and alignment, partners with all the team’s key stakeholder groups to concrete beneficial value for all players and provides constant learning and development for all its members and the collective team.” (Peter Hawkins, 2021)

The different forms of Team Coaching, like Team facilitation, Team Building and System Team Coaching can help leaders develop high-value creating Teams.

Professor Peter Hawkins explains the differences between them and the benefits of Systemic Team Coaching:

Systemic Team Coaching enables Teams to be purpose-led, stakeholder-centric, agile and adapt at learning and partnering and attending to the time horizons of past, present and future to co-create greater value than the sum total of what each member brings. Studies such as Price & Toy (2017) and McKinsey & Company (2018) indicate that outcomes for Team Coaching include increased profitability, financial and economic returns for organisations.

Find out how we can partner you to develop as a Leader and Team Coach in Developing High Value-Creating Teams with Systemic Team Coaching.



“Soo Yin was my Coach when I was going through a significant organizational re-structuring and I needed to gain clarity of how I needed to adapt and change as a leader to lead my division forward successfully. As Soo Yin used the Birkman tool with me with her excellent combination of questioning and sharing of insights, I began to move out of what seemed like an insurmountable impasse through deep reflection… and towards resolution. In her non-judgmental and most assuring way, Soo Yin created a safe space for me to talk through convoluted and at times emotional issues. I became aware of my own blind spots and stress-triggered behaviors, and how I can manage myself better so I can lead better. I am grateful to have undergone coaching with her. The learning has transformed me greatly!”

“Soo Yin was my Coach during a time when we needed to develop leadership bench strength in the organization quickly to support the rapid organizational expansion. My experience of Soo Yin’s coaching both in individual Executive Coaching and in Team Coaching, is one that is calm, reflective and supportive. She is like an encouraging friend who listened and offered insights that made practical sense and were effective when implemented. She provided me invaluable insight to effectively develop a high functioning leadership team.”

“Soo Yin coached me during a time of major changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic when I had to make major adjustments of working from home while my children had to do home-based learning at the same time. I experienced coaching with Soo Yin as a partnership that helped me gain awareness and clarity of who I am and what matters to me and to be able to choose to respond authentically and wisely as a leader at work to the challenges at work while balancing my other roles at home. I had been able to be very candid with her and felt very much supported and challenged as she facilitated my deeper reflections of what is important and what needed my attention to move towards what I wanted to achieve.”

“My sessions with Soo Yin have been insightful, engaging and productive. I felt respected and safe to be able to share, interact and reflect authentically. The Birkman instrument yielded powerful insights and helped me attain more holistic self-awareness. The sessions certainly helped me understand myself better, and what I should do to be my ‘best self’, personally and professionally.”