We coach C-Suite Executives, Senior leaders, Middle Managers, High Potentials and New Managers to enhance their leadership effectiveness to achieve organisational success.

We use the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process for Leaders and for Teams and the Global Leadership 360 Assessment to help leaders:

  • gain clarity, define their personal values and develop their Authentic Leadership Model (ALM) as a leadership strategy that will empower leaders to create their personal vision of success
  • achieve measurable leadership growth in identified leadership growth areas that research has shown to be competencies that matter for leadership success that makes an impact on organisational goals

We use the Birkman Method to help leaders:

  • develop self mastery and manage their relationships by recognising filters that distort their perceptions of themselves, others or situations
  • leverage on their strengths and interests for success and develop strategies to manage their needs, potential stressors and blind spots that impede their effectiveness and limit their growth

Sample pages of Birkman Reports frequently used in Executive Coaching include:

We use Narrative Coaching as a mindful, experiential, and holistic approach that helps leaders and managers get to the crux of their issues and shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and results.



“The sessions certainly helped me understand myself better, and what I should do to be my ‘best self’, personally and professionally.”

“My sessions have been insightful, engaging and productive. I felt respected and safe to be able to share, interact and reflect authentically.”

“The Birkman instrument yielded powerful insights and helped me attain more holistic self-awareness.”