Soo Yin is Executive Director, Principal Coach and Consultant, Career and Life Design Consulting.

Trained as a lawyer, she practised law for five years before following her passion in people development to make a career change to education where she quickly established herself as a trusted leader and progressed to senior management roles.

She has over three decades of experience in education, workforce development, learning and professional development, coaching and consultancy work in private, non-profit & public organisations and in government, spanning industries from law, finance to education.

Experience Overview

A future-oriented and strategic leader passionate about bringing out the best in people and teams and enabling their development, performance and growth, Soo Yin has coached and worked with leaders in established large private & public organisations and emerging enterprises.

As a coach, she is committed to make a difference to leaders, professionals, teams & their organisations needing to both manage the complexities of change and create their future in a way that honours who they are, what matters and purpose. 

As a Birkman Certified Master Professional who customises solutions and interventions to her clients’ needs using the Birkman Method, Soo Yin’s clients have valued Birkman insights on how their perceptions impact how they think, feel, act and relate and how they can use these insights to help them bring out their best as leaders and as high performing teams. Clients also appreciate her use of Birkman career insights in career coaching.

She co-coaches with Anita in team coaching, her clients’ development of a systemic stakeholder-focused and future-oriented perspective, and co-creates with them, a developmental process to build their teams’ capability to co-create value with and for their stakeholders as high value-creating teams.

Soo Yin is a Doctor of Education (Durham University, UK), a Master of Laws (University College London, UK), and a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) (National University of Singapore) and completed the General Management Programme from Harvard Business School and the Strategic Management Programme from INSEAD in Singapore.

A credentialed Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) with the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), she has certified with leading global coaching schools, including as a Certified Transformational Master Coach with Coach Masters Academy Global, a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive and Team Coach, and a Certified Practitioner in Team Coaching with the Global Team Coaching Institute.

Her clients recognise her as a coach who holds a safe, non-judgmental space, which helps them quickly identify their needs, shift mindsets, uncover blind spots & stuck places, redefine comfort zones, to accelerate their performance, growth & impact.

As a Certified Journal to the Self Facilitator, a Certified Mindfulness Teacher (Sounds True & Greater Good Science Center) and Registered Sandplay Therapist (Association for Sandplay Therapy), she also facilitates Personal Process work for her clients. She also has more than two decades of experience designing & facilitating learning at Universities and Tertiary Institutions in Singapore.


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Anita Rajendran-See, PCC-ICF

Anita is Associate Executive and Team Coach, Career and Life Design Consulting.

An Industrial Organizational Psychologist and Director, Human Capital, Anita is a successful executive with over two decades of Commercial HR Business Partnership & Leadership expertise, experienced in industries as diverse as Biotech, Animal Health & Nutrition, Education, Travel & Hospitality, Aquaculture and Agriculture. 

Experience Overview

Anita is a seasoned and accomplished Human Resource Director, Business Partner and Professional Coach working with the C-suite and Business Leaders, cultivating impactful partnerships with internal and external business stakeholders. She consistently delivers a cohesive, well-balanced, strong team accomplishing measurable business results. With her background in Human Capital, Anita believes strongly in Employee Engagement being the core of a successful organization and is well versed in all facets of HR.

She co-coaches with Soo Yin and works closely with senior leaders on coaching teams and team leaders to develop high value creating teams in one on one and team coaching conversations. As a coach, her clients value her insights and make amazing progress over a short period of time and keep coming back. She creates a psychological safe space for her clients to uncover their need and wants, values and behavior patterns.

As an ICF – Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Certified Practitioner in Team Coaching with the Global Team Coaching Institute, and a Certified Transformational Master Coach with Coach Masters Academy Global, Anita places high value and focus on building and nurturing High Value Creating Teams to accomplish organizational objectives and deliver successful outcomes.


Executive CoachingMentoring & Training
Leadership & Team CoachingTalent Acquisition and Retention
Team DevelopmentChange Management 
Talent Management & DevelopmentEmployee Engagement

Wu Mi Yin, EdD

Mi Yin is Associate Executive, Life and Parenting Coach; Organizational and Professional Development Facilitator, Well-being and Renewal Facilitator, Career and Life Design Consulting.

Trained as a professional town planner, Mi Yin worked in Hong Kong and Sydney for five years, before she moved into the fields of organizational development and professional development in Singapore. She has over two decades of experience facilitating leadership, organisational and professional development in organisations. A firm believer in holistic development and the importance of well-being and positive relationships at work and at home in bringing out the best in every individual, Mi Yin has designed and facilitated Renewal programs and retreats for almost two decades and is also an experienced Transformational Professional Coach, Parenting Coach and Family Life Educator. 

Experience Overview

Mi Yin has over two decades of experience of working with senior management to shape their corporate mission, vision, values, culture and work processes to enhance corporate effectiveness. Motivated by her passion, she investigated the professional development of teachers in Singapore in her doctoral research and subsequently built on her research to design and facilitate year-long capacity development programs for senior and master teachers. She also designed and facilitated Renewal Experience programs for teachers for almost two decades. 

She led and facilitated Renewal retreats from 2003-2012 in the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Renewal Experience, where thousands of teachers had benefited in re-orienting and re-energizing themselves to become more whole as persons, building healthier relationships with themselves, their work and others, and being at their best more often. She co-authored the book “Tending Our Gardens: reflections to nourish our growth and renewal” (1st Ed 2012, 2nd Ed 2022) to share her learning and insights on renewal gained from her experience.

Healthy relationships with self and others determine the fruitfulness of our pursuit — a key insight Mi Yin gained through working with committed leaders, educators and parents.  For her, building healthy relationships is a journey of personal growth and transformation. This journey is necessary for people who desire to create value in their families, workplaces, communities and society. Mi Yin finds joy in serving those who are keen to build skills and capacity in developing healthy relationships, through workshops, retreats and coaching conversations.

Her clients value her calm presence, the safe space provided, her thoughtful perspectives and unwavering support offered. Her clients also appreciate her capacity to listen and care deeply about their growth, and her honest inputs and perspectives in service of their development and pursuit of what they care about.

Mi Yin holds a Doctor of Education (University of Western Australia, Australia), a Master of Town and Country Planning (University of Sydney, Australia), and a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR). 

She is also Adjunct Facilitator with the Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership (Asia), a Certified Transformation Professional Coach (Coach Masters Academy Global), a Gallup-Certified Strength Coach, a Certified Parent Coach and Family Life Educator with Focus on the Family Singapore.


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Capacity DevelopmentStrength-based Development
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