The Birkman Method can be used in Organisations for

  • Leadership Development
    • Executive Coaching using Birkman insights can help leaders gain actionable insights into their own motivators, behaviours, communication preferences and blind spots, identifying the gaps of how they are perceived and what they need to be successful.
  • Building Organisational Culture
    • Team Coaching using Birkman insights can facilitate clarity of purpose, psychological safety and leverage on diversity to build the foundation for high performing teams and organisation culture
  • Team Building, Employee Engagement and Retention
    • Leaders can use Birkman insights in Team Building to be better able to engage every team members’ best at work and to optimise team success.
    • Using Birkman to improve employee engagement can help with better employee retention as employee engagement his highly co-related to employee retention.
  • Leveraging on Diversity for Innovation
    • Birkman insights can help organisations leverage on diverse thoughts, minimise unconscious bias for innovation and strengthen collaboration for meaningful solutions that meet changing customer needs.
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Birkman insights can help resolve conflict as greater self-awareness and other-awareness develops emotional intelligence, facilitating better working relationships