We live in a stressful time with the demands and fast pace of work and life. We can easily lose our connection to ourselves and what matters most to us.

Whatever your profession is, whether it be a teacher, artist, healthcare professional or an engineer, mindfulness can help you to pay attention to what is happening inside and outside you in the present moment.


Based on their research with hundreds of employers and their experience teaching thousands of people from youths to professors and CEOs, Crystal and Gregor Lim-Lange, authors of Deep Human: Practical Superskills for a Future of Success, named Focus and Mindfulness and Self-Awareness as two of five “Deep Human Superskills” for future-readiness.

These skills can help individuals maximise their potential and live an engaged, meaningful and joyful life in an age where technology and artificial intelligence and robots are disrupting markets and how people work, live and play.

Although mindfulness is commonly associated with meditation from Buddhist and other religious traditions, what is referred to here is a science-based “secular” practice of mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation as a regular practice can help individuals learn skills to tap into and develop deep internal resources for learning, growing, and potentially for transforming their understanding of who they are and how they can live with greater wellbeing in this world.

Mindfulness meditation can also enhance mental clarity and performance, reduce stress and help to change habits and patterns of behaviour and thinking that are not serving your relationships at work, socially or at home.

We offer Mindfulness at Work Sessions. These are experiential Sessions in key skills for Mindfulness for work. Whilst the Sessions are focused on the context of work, learning these skills can benefit other areas of your life.

Themes for Mindfulness at Work Sessions include:

  • Introductory Series on Learning Mindfulness for Well-being
  • Finding Ease: Mindfulness Meditation Made simple, fun and practical
  • Declutter your Mind in 30 days
  • Peaceful Path of Work
  • Mindfulness of Emotions and Thoughts for Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness for Resilience, Healing and Inner Freedom
  • Mindful Relating and Communication
  • Mindfulness and Peace, Happiness and Joy
  • Mindful Living Aligned with Your Deepest Purpose

These can be facilitated as a 1-hour Introductory Session or as a Series of 1-hour Sessions; or as a half-day Session or two half-day sessions; or a 1-day Mindfulness Retreat to meet the specific needs of a group such as a team, unit or department in an organisation or a community-based group.


An Introductory Series of Learning Mindfulness for Well-being of four weekly 1-hour Lunch Time Talks and Practice Sessions