Jungian Sandplay provides an opportunity to represent what is happening in a person’s inner and outer world graphically in a sand tray. The sand tray sized to fit the view of the whole tray without having to turn one’s head, has a blue interior to represent sky and water, and is half filled with sand to symbolise the earth.

Using a collection of miniatures (eg., rocks, plants, animals, people, buildings, household items, transport vehicles, mythical, spiritual, religious, cartoon figures etc.,) that represent the 3-dimensional world we live in, clients select items to “make a world” in the sand. After completing the sand tray, clients are invited to tell of associations or a story about the tray and give a title for the tray.

“Sandplay, through the use of active imagination and creative symbolic play, is a practical, experiential tool that can create a bridge from the unconscious to the conscious, from the mental and the spiritual to the physical and from the nonverbal to the verbal.”

Anna Goodwin and Barbara Labovitz Boik (2000)

A well-trained Sandplay Therapist is a critical factor in Jungian Sandplay to hold the personal process for individuals as he or she provides a “safe and protected space” for the client and activates the inner work of engaging what is deepest and truest for the individual to move towards clarity, wholeness, integration and growth.

This can support individuals in their career and life, whether in connecting with and working towards career and developmental goals in a way that is congruent with their inner motivations, unique gifts, interests and needs or in working with what may be challenging or limiting for them.

A Registered Sandplay Therapist would have completed requirements of rigorous training, assessment and supervised practice and personally experienced the depth of Jungian Sandplay work and its transformative effects from the “inside-out” as part of their training.

Dr Hee Soo Yin, Executive Director & Principal, Career and Life Design Consulting is a Registered Sandplay Therapist (STR) with the Association for Sandplay Therapy (AST), a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) with the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Dr Chan Lin Ho, Associate Spiritual Director and Transition Writing Specialist, Career and Life Design Consulting, is a trained Jungian Sandplay Practitioner and Member of the Association for Sandplay Therapy (AST). She received her training in the art of Spiritual Direction from Kardia Formation, which is recognised by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction.

Jungian Sandplay is offered in Personal Process Work:

  • to helping professionals who are training and working towards qualification and registration as a Registered Sandplay Therapist (STR) with the AST
  • in Career and Life Coaching to help adults connect with who they are and what matters to them as well as work through their career and life transitions, and work with what may be challenging or limiting for them
  • to adults seeking to grow deeper towards wholeness, integration and personal growth and development
  • to adults seeking spiritual direction and formation