We facilitate Jungian Sandplay in Personal Process work in:

  • Career and Life Coaching to help individuals connect with who they are and what matters to them as well as work through what may be limiting for them
  • With Members of the Association for Sandplay Therapy who are training and working towards qualification and registration as a Registered Sandplay Therapist (STR) with the AST and
  • With individuals seeking to grow deeper towards wholeness, integration and individuation

We conduct Mindfulness Workshops and self-accessed e-learning courses to facilitate learning of key mindfulness skills for individuals to connect with internal resources for learning, growing and potentially transforming their understanding of who they are and how they can live with greater wellbeing at work and in life.

We also provide Journaling Workshops to facilitate learning of proven journal writing techniques of expressive writing for individuals to gain greater self-awareness and understanding of what matters to them, connecting with inner resources to support them in the way forward to adapt and change towards their goals and aspirations.

Dr Hee Soo Yin, Executive Director and Principal, Career and Life Design Consulting is a Registered Sandplay Therapist with the Association for Sandplay Therapy. She is also a Certified Mindfulness Teacher with the University of California Berkeley and Sounds True, and is a Certified Journal To the Self Instructor with the Center for Journal Therapy, USA