We partner leaders and professionals at early, mid and late phases in their career and life to:

  • determine career and life directions by gaining greater awareness of their values, interests, personality and strengths
  • identify and explore possible careers and set goals and make career decisions that resonate with their values, interests, personality and strengths
  • develop strategies to be their best self at work, enhancing their career and life satisfaction and well-being
  • shift mindsets and change limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that may de-rail their careers or stand in their way of achieving their goals
  • manage work/life balance, stress and conflicts at work or in life
  • develop adaptability, career and life skills and strategies to navigate career and or life transitions
  • map Actionable Career Next Steps and Actionable Next Steps for their Life Goals

Alongside established career development, educational, positive psychology and positive neuroplasticity theories and practical tools, we use the Birkman Method, a scientifically validated and reliable assessment that helps leaders and professionals recognise their values, interests, needs, personality and strengths. Aligning their life and career goals to who they are and what matters to them will enable them to enjoy better life and career satisfaction. Birkman uses occupational data which enables individuals to benchmark their interests to clarify and sharpen focus areas for Career Exploration to inform the development of their Career Next Steps.

Sample Pages of Birkman Reports frequently used in Career Coaching

  • Birkman Signature, with applicable insights on an individual’s interests, strengths, blindspots and needs for development to enhance performance
  • Birkman Career Exploration, which helps individuals identify careers that resonate with who they are, optimising their strengths and personality for sustained career satisfaction



“Our sessions have been very insightful, not just the things that I’ve learnt about myself but also the tips on managing relations in a workplace, job searching and handling interviews.”

“The behavioural and interest data in the Birkman report were exceptionally useful in uncovering my strengths and blind spots. This provided clarity and direction in my career exploration and planning.”

“The coaching sessions allowed me to gain deeper self-awareness, and provided me with insights on the direction and steps I could take as I headed into the next phase of my journey.”

“I found the insights from the Birkman report particularly helpful in addressing some of the roadblocks I faced in my career journey.”