Are you a leader or professional seeking

  • a career/ life with a purpose that aligns with who you are and what matters to you
  • to thrive and become your best self and bring your unique contributions to life in your career/life
  • to overcome obstacles in your career/life
  • to navigate a career and life transition, planned or unplanned
  • to design your post-formal retirement career/life

The areas we can partner you in Career and Life Coaching include:

  • determining your career and life directions by gaining greater awareness of your values, interests, personality and strengths
  • identifying and exploring possible careers and set goals and make career decisions that resonate with your values, interests, personality and strengths
  • developing strategies to be your best self at work, enhancing your career and life satisfaction and well-being
  • shifting mindsets and changing limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that may de-rail your careers or stand in their way of achieving your goals
  • managing work/life balance or integration, stress and conflicts at work or in life
  • developing adaptability, career and life skills and strategies to navigate your career and or life transitions
  • mapping Actionable Career Next Steps and Actionable Next Steps for your Life Goals

Here are four ICF videos of real life accounts on how career and life coaching can benefit you: 

Finding a Career with Purpose
How to become your best self?
Overcoming Obstacles in your Career
Rediscovering your Life in Retirement


We use Life Design, a proven career development approach first developed in 1989 and evolved over the years by Mark Savickas. Life Design uses the Career Construction Interview Process to facilitate your exploration and discovery of who you are, what matters and purpose in your life stories and helps you author or create career stories that align with these to clarify your career and life directions and choices and navigate your life and career transitions. This approach also helps you develop two meta-competencies of identity construction and adaptability needed in today’s ever changing world.

Life Design as a career development approach, enables you to develop the resources to respond creatively to a career made up of uncertainties by tapping on your mega motivation to adapt to an ever changing world in a way that aligns with who you are, what matters and purpose.


Our Career and Life Design Signature Coaching Programme is a highly personalised Coaching Programme using Life Design integrated with the Birkman Method and Hansen’s Integrative Life Planning Model (ILP) as a holistic approach to planning one’s life course.

The Birkman Method is a scientifically validated and reliable assessment to help you as leaders and professionals to recognise your values, interests, needs, personality and strengths. The combination of Career and Life-Design Coaching with the Birkman Method supercharges the coaching with the insights provided by Birkman’s scientifically validated personality assessment and occupational data and analysis. Birkman provides four key perspectives of your Motivation, Self-Perception, Social-Perception and Mindset to help you understand how they influence your emotions and actions that drive your life. You can refer to Sample Pages of Birkman Reports frequently used in Career and Life Coaching below to get a sense of insights that are available with Birkman.

Sample Pages of Birkman Reports frequently used in Career Coaching

  • Birkman Signature, with applicable insights on an individual’s interests, strengths, blindspots and needs for development to enhance performance
  • Birkman Career Exploration, which helps individuals identify careers that resonate with who they are, optimising their strengths and personality for sustained career satisfaction

Birkman also provide insights on other dimensions of work areas such as handling conflicts, communication, decision-making, how to bring out your best, stress management, relating to others, how you influence others which will be used in coaching as relevant to address specific areas of need that you are bringing to coaching.

The Integrative Life Planning Model (ILP) takes a broader definition of a career as the development and implementation of an individual’s self-concept with satisfaction to self and benefit to society as a sequence of roles a person holds in a lifetime, of which occupation is only one. The ILP framework identifies six critical tasks or life themes individuals need to attend to as they plan for the future. These are finding work that needs doing in changing global contexts; weaving work, family, learning into a meaningful whole; connecting family and work; valuing pluralism and inclusivity, exploring spirituality and life purpose; and managing personal transitions and organisational change. These are woven together as an individual puts together and understands the different parts of one’s life to become more conscious of the ways in which the different parts of family, work, learning and society are changing and how these will have an impact on their career and life planning or design.

Our Signature Coaching Programme can help you gain clarity and connect with who you are, what matters to you and purpose, and help you align your life and career goals in the context of life’s larger themes in the ILP framework to enable you to move towards career success as you define it, better life and career satisfaction and your unique contributions to society.

Contact us for a complimentary discovery session where we will first understand your needs, and propose a personalised Career and Life Design Signature Coaching Programme tailored to your needs.




Contact us to request for our Career & Life Design Workbook, a free resource that can get you started on Career and Life Design by telling your life stories and reflecting on the career themes in your stories.


If you are seeking to design your current job in a way that aligns with your values, strengths and interests, you can enrol for our Job-Crafting E-Course, a self-study E-Course that you can complete at your own time and pace.

Job Crafting (E-Course)

Job Crafting is a way to personalize your work to improve the fit between your job and your preferences. This Course will help you understand what Job Crafting is & its benefits; understand your values, strengths & interests; learn to Job Craft your work tasks, work relationships and your connection with purpose in order to create, implement & review your Job Crafting Goals & Plans to bring out your best at work.

SGD 49.00


“Our sessions have been very insightful, not just the things that I’ve learnt about myself but also the tips on managing relations in a workplace, job searching and handling interviews.”

“The behavioural and interest data in the Birkman report were exceptionally useful in uncovering my strengths and blind spots. This provided clarity and direction in my career exploration and planning.”

“The coaching sessions allowed me to gain deeper self-awareness, and provided me with insights on the direction and steps I could take as I headed into the next phase of my journey.”

“I found the insights from the Birkman report particularly helpful in addressing some of the roadblocks I faced in my career journey.”

“By connecting with my life and career themes in the Life-Design process, it became clear to me what my strengths and interests were and what was important for me uniquely. It then became clear to me how I can move forward in a way that would make sense and be meaningful for me. I became more motivated and confident about the career direction and my next steps that I will take in the next chapter of my career.”