Journal writing is a very accessible way to open up new horizons in your life as well as in personal and professional development and in creative expressive writing.

Journaling in a structured and methodical way can give you a glimpse of who you are and what matters to you and the way forward towards your goals and aspirations.

It can also offer you a glimpse into what Dr Ira Progoff, the author of At a Journal Workshop called “your own transpersonal nature and to experience “knowledge beyond understanding … that comes to us at depth.”

The research of Professors of Psychology, James Pennebaker, University of Texas at Austin and Laura King, University of Missouri has evidenced that expressive writing both of difficult and positive experiences improves mental and physical health.

Expressive writing or journaling has also been found in the practice and research of Kathleen Adams, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy to be an important resource for clarity and insight, emotional management, stress management and self-directed growth and change which accelerates resolution of difficulties.

Individuals at any stage in their life and career who are considering career and life directions or making decisions or are in transition can benefit from Journal Writing particularly in gaining clarity and insight and connecting with inner resources to adapt and change.

The Journal to the Self Workshop is an experiential Workshop in which you will be guided through the writing processes of eighteen proven journal writing techniques of expressive writing. This can be facilitated as a 1 to 3-hour introductory workshop or as a series of four 3-hour workshops or as two full-day or weekend Journal Writing Retreat.

Journal Writing Workshops can also be customised to meet the needs of specific groups such as youths about to enter the workforce, adults in career or life transitions or preparing for retirement.