We use Narrative Coaching and the Birkman Method to coach and develop leaders and their teams to:

  • communicate with and work with and develop the team more effectively
  • break through challenges they face and create new ways of working
  • leverage on unique and diverse strengths, interests and needs of team members to enhance performance and innovation


Narrative Coaching enables individuals and teams to get to the crux of their issues in less time and to attain sustainable results through work with their own stories. Narrative Coaching Tools used include:

  • Narrative Rewind, which enable people to better understand why they do what they do—and how to form a new story from which they can get better results.
  • Narrative Pivot and Vector of Change, which enable people to create and recognise opportunities in their everyday work and life to practice their new choices.
  • Five Perspectives, which invites people to look at situations in new ways so they can develop greater empathy, see more possibilities and take new actions in support of their aspirations.
  • Narrative 720 degrees Feedback Tool, which is used with leaders and their teams which combines two 360 degrees Feedback in one process to enable individuals and teams to collectively address their personal and relational development needs.


We coach leaders in use of Birkman insights to develop their teams, leveraging on unique and diverse strengths, interests and needs of their team members to enhance workplace performance and innovation.

Team Coaching using Birkman insights can benefit newly formed teams, teams seeking to strengthen how they work together, and teams seeking higher levels of team performance.

Sample pages of Reports frequently used in Team Coaching include:

  • The Birkman Basics Report which profiles the strengths, interests and needs of each individual on the team
  • The Group Birkman Map which maps the profiles of individuals and the team, highlighting areas of strengths, hidden needs or stress points as well as areas of conflict or tension to focus on to improve team effectiveness.

Team Coaching Sessions using Birkman insights can facilitate better self and other-awareness and the collective mapping of actionable forward steps to enhance team effectiveness and optimise team success include: