The growing complexities of a world disrupted by technology, climate change and pandemics require organisations to shift from just focusing on the individual to the broader ecology. Systemic team coaching co-creates a partnership to add value beyond the individual, creating collective impact within organisations, society and the wider ecological system.

Are you a leader seeking to build and develop high-performing teams as the cornerstone of organisational learning and value-creation with impact beyond your organisation in an increasingly complex world?

We use Team Facilitation with the Birkman Method and Systemic Team Coaching to partner leaders in the development of their teams. This includes:

  • co-creating a Team Alliance for Psychological Safety and Trust to support Team Purpose, Team Learning and Value Creation
  • enhancing communications and collaborative work
  • leveraging on unique and diverse strengths, interests and needs of team members to enhance performance, engagement and satisfaction
  • bringing in the stakeholder voices and perspectives which includes the future and wider ecological system


We coach leaders in the use of Birkman insights to develop their teams, leveraging on unique and diverse strengths, interests and needs of team members to enhance workplace performance, engagement and value creation.

Team Coaching using Birkman insights can benefit newly formed teams, teams seeking to strengthen how they work together, and teams seeking higher levels of team performance.

Sample pages of Reports frequently used in Team Coaching include:

  • The Birkman Basics Report which profiles the strengths, interests and needs of each individual on the team
  • The Group Birkman Map which maps the profiles of individuals and the team, highlighting areas of strengths, hidden needs or stress points as well as areas of conflict or tension to focus on to improve team effectiveness.

Team Coaching Sessions and Team Workshops using Birkman customised to the needs of Teams, facilitate better self and other-awareness and the co-creation of a Team Alliance and Team Development process to foster psychological safety and trust and clarity of collective purpose, will enhance team learning and collaboration for team effectiveness, value creation and optimise team success.

Team Workshops are also customised to meet specific needs of Teams. Examples of Customised Birkman Workshops include Bringing Out the Best in Your Team, Managing Stress with Birkman, and Managing Conflicts with Birkman


Different forms of Team Coaching, like Team Facilitation, Team Building and Systemic Team Coaching can help you and the teams you lead to become high-performing teams that create value beyond their organisations.

Professor Peter Hawkins explain the difference between them and the benefits of Systemic Team Coaching:

How does Systemic Team Coaching differ from other forms of team coaching?

The challenges for today’s leadership teams include:

  • Managing the expectations of different stakeholders
  • Needing to both run the business and to transform the business to be relevant to changing external environment and customer needs
  • Being members of multiple teams
  • Working with systemic conflict
  • The world becoming more complex and interconnected
  • Hybrid Working and Teams
  • Major challenges in the interconnections of the organisation and its wider system

Systemic Team Coaching enables Teams to be purpose-led, stakeholder-centric, agile and adapt at learning and partnering and attending to all three time horizons of past, present and future to co-create greater value than the sum total of what each member brings.

Studies that support the business case for Team coaching include Price & Toy (2017), McKinsey & Company (2018) indicate that Team Coaching outcomes include increased profitability, financial and economic returns. Systemic Team Coaching equips leaders to meet these challenges in a complex, unpredictable and “messy” world by building high-value creating teams.

Find out more about how we can partner you in Developing Leaders Who Build High Value-Creating Teams with Systemic Team Coaching.



“The Birkman Method supports my goals, behaviors, needs and stress with scientifically-backed data. Knowing what I am already good in, what makes me tick is no longer a mystery to others at the supervisory level.”

“Taking action on what I became more aware of at the Workshop, I increased the frequency and quality communication with my team to build better bonds via having communication outside of the work agenda and to know each other better. What I observed after three months was that there was improved synergy with my team and I was able to understand their perspective better. There was increased interaction between teams and in how the work was done.”

“I became more aware of my communication style, especially in relation to my level of assertiveness with others and its impact on my team. This led me to be more conscious about how I am communicating with others and helped to foster better working relationship and communication with others.”

“Recognising my stress behaviours and learning to manage them to be a better supervisor to team has helped me to grow as a person. I am also more accepting of others’ differences or limitations and able to look at the bigger picture by focusing on others’ strengths.”

“The Workshop helped me to be more patient and sensitive to others especially those who are not the same as me.. Rather than jumping into conclusion based on my own perception, I should try to find out more and have open conversation. I observed that when I am more open and accepting of others around me, the situation and tenseness lessens, the energy becomes brighter with laughter. I will continue to grow and learn along the way. Be a happier person.” 

“I am learning to speak up and express myself and my needs more. I am also finding new ways of expressing myself. This has made me happier especially when people around me understand me better. “

“I realised that I needed “me-time” and scheduled “Me-time” at least once a week like taking walks after work to unwind and be alone. I feel more energised and looked into providing exercise opportunity for my staff for self-care.”

“Systemic Team Coaching is so important for the development of the Team to be able to both attend to business as usual as well as co-creating the future with our stakeholders. We need to bring this to all our Teams.”

“I learnt about the importance of psychological safety and feedback as well as a framework for managing the tensions of different stakeholder expectations. This will go a long way to help to create conditions that support value-creation.”

“When we co-create with the team and tap on team’s capabilities, this helps to enhance the team’s ownership.”

“It is important to be humble and to ask for feedback from different stakeholders. We can then learn from one another because we may have our blind spots and way of seeing things. This is also important if we are looking at nurturing a partnership of co-creating value with our stakeholders.”

“To encourage and support value co-creating, we need to enable our staff to feel empowered as well as to engage our stakeholders as well.”

“Ongoing communication is really important. We need to prioritise time to check-in & reflect on the issues as a team that can make a difference for value-creation as a team so as to move away from always having to fire fight.”

“I realised that when we recognise, affirm and appreciate staff/peers for whatever good work that has been done, it helps to create trust and psychological safety.”

“Two-way communication and creating conditions where the team feels psychologically safe to give their honest feedback is so important. This is such a powerful way for us to move forward as a team.”