At the inaugural Jungian Sandplay Symposium in Singapore from 21-24 Oct 2019 at the Lifelong Learning Institute, the passion for the healing, development and transformation of children, youths and adults through Jungian Sandplay of keynote speakers Dr Barbara Turner, Dr Celia van Wyk, Mrs Eunice Stagg and Mrs Rosa Rita was most inspiring for practitioners and helping professionals gathered from Australia. Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA.

Organisers and Keynote Speakers with international participants

It was an enriching time of learning. Keynote Speakers, Dr Barbara Turner shared on Understanding Jungian Sandplay Therapy and the Neuroscience of Jungian Sandplay, Dr Celia van Wyk on Activating the Archetypes, Mrs Rosa Rita on A Child’s Trays, and Mrs Eunice Stagg on The Therapist as a Witness in the Sandplay Process.

Senior Social Workers and Counsellors Ms Lim Song Lee shared on Meaningful Hands, Ms Eng Peng Peng shared on A Woman’s Story in Sandplay, Ms Ruth Ng on A Whale of a Good Time whilst Mrs Lynette Balotta and Mr Anthony Wong led in the experiential Activity Hands-Up and Message in the Clay. Mr Michael Cheng, a psychotherapist from Hong Kong shared on My Hong Kong Narrative.

Dr Hee Soo Yin, Founder, Career and Life Design presented on Sandplay and Coaching: A Singapore Story, with a Singapore Case Study on Using Jungian Sandplay in Career Coaching.

Dr Chan Lin Ho facilitated the concluding Panel Discussion before Dr Ann Marie, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach “wrapped up” the Symposium with Closing Reflections.

Organisers and Speakers (L to R):
Mr Michael Cheng, Ms Ruth Ng, Ms Eng Peng Peng, Ms Lim Song Lee,
Dr Chan Lin Ho, Mr Roger Ong, Dr Barbara Turner, Dr Celia van Wyk, Mrs Rosa Rita, Mrs Eunice Stagg, Mrs Lynette Balotta, Dr Ann Marie,
Dr Hee Soo Yin, Mr Anthony Wong
Dr Chan Lin Ho facilitating the Panel Discussion
Dr Ann Marie with Closing Reflections

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