In Career and Life Coaching, an iterative “inside-out” and “outside-in” process using as appropriate, narrative career construction, Birkman insights on an individual’s strengths, interests, needs together with occupational data, Jungian Sandplay, Journaling and Mindfulness practices to help individuals:

  • explore and navigate careers that resonate with who they are and what matters to them; and
  • maximise their personal and professional potential and to enhance performance as they develop their careers in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

In Executive Coaching and Team Coaching, both “inside-out” and “outside-in” processes are used:

  • to help leaders develop their Authentic Leadership Model in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process for Leaders and for Teams working with stakeholder feedback and feedforward suggestions for measurable leadership growth that impacts organisational success
  • to help leaders and teams using Narrative Coaching to move from the “outside-in” in situating themselves in their stories of their current situation to search for new possibilities leading to internal shifts of their stories about themselves, others and life itself to create and sustain from the “inside-out”, new possibilities and new results
  • to help leaders, executives and their teams using the Birkman Method to leverage on their unique strengths, interests and needs in responding to external social and organisational contexts to achieve organisational goals.