Narrative Coaching is an evidenced-based methodology which enables one to get to the crux of their issues in less time and to attain sustainable results through work with their own stories.

Stories are central to what makes us human. They provide a way to understand how people see themselves and their world. Narrative coaches listen to and inquire into people’s stories in new ways so they create more powerful conversations and changes that are more sustainable.

Narrative coaches start by building a strong working relationship and a clear picture of what actually is going on before exploring what the client would like to be different. Narrative coaches co-creating a clear sense of shared objectives which are signposts by which the coaching navigates. Clients are invited to experiment with new attitudes and new actions through serious play in sessions. Experience and the evidence suggests that if one cannot do the new actions with their coach they are unlikely to do it on their own later when the pressure is on.

Narrative Coaching stands out in a number of ways:

It enables people to develop themselves and to achieve real results in real time.

It draws from across the social sciences, not just psychology, as well as contemporary fields like design thinking for a systemic approach to behaviour change.

It is a highly experiential process that works with the whole person, which increases the person’s ability to sustain the changes they make in coaching.

It is based on the natural human process of change, such that it can be readily applied to make a meaningful difference in less time.

It uses generative silence, works in the relational field, and puts mindfulness in motion so clients can pivot to their new story in the moment.

Coaches come alongside clients, and are guided by what emerges in client’s stories.

  • Core Tools include:
    • Mindfulness in Motion tools, such as Narrative Rewind, which enable people to better understand why they do what they do—and how to form a new story from which they can get better results.
    • Narrative Pivot and Vector of Change, which enable people to create and recognize opportunities throughout their day to practice their new choices.
    • Five Perspectives, which invites people to look at situations in new ways so they can develop greater empathy, see more possibilities and take new actions in support of their aspirations.
    • Narrative 720 degrees Feedback Tool, which is used with leaders and their teams which combines two 360 degrees Feedback in one process to enable individuals and teams to collectively address their personal and relational development needs.