In his TED talk, Chip Conley calls on business leaders and political leaders to measure what truly counts and what we most value, which are the things which are intangible that makes life worthwhile. He draws from Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what he learnt from a maid in a hotel and a king of a country and his own experience as CEO of a hotel business and puts forward the point often neglected in business, which is that “we’re all human. Each of us, no matter what our role is in business, has some hierarchy of needs in the workplace.”

Measuring what counts

In the dotcom crash, he took Maslow’s hierarchy and applied it to his business. He started to ask the questions about how they are addressing the higher transformational needs for his key employees and customers in his company. He found that as they paid attention to questions that addressed higher up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they created more loyalty for both their employees and customers. So he started out to find ways to measure the intangibles higher up in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

He calls on leaders to start counting that which would be meaningful in life and business.

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