This 8-hour Workshop is for Teams wanting to strengthen and get to their next level of performance. The Workshop can be scaled for use by diverse teams and cross functional project teams across an organisation to build the foundation for high-performance in the organisation. The Workshop can be facilitated as a full-day or two half-day sessions.

High-Performance teams (HPTs) refer to teams that are highly focused on their goals, inspire, collaborate, challenge and support and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results or outcomes.

HPTs know their purpose and understand the role they play in their organisation. An organisational environment where there is clarity in understanding and alignment between the people and work goals, functions or tasks allows teams to work and collaborate with greater focus and intention. Psychological Safety provides an environment where team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable with each other, enabling individuals to share out-of-the-box ideas and creative solutions more often.

This Workshop is customised, experiential, action-oriented and focuses on helping different types of Teams develop as HPTs by:

  • understanding the foundations of HPTs: Purpose, Clarity and Psychological Safety
  • enhancing clarity of Team’s purpose in alignment with organisational goals
  • developing Psychological Safety by strengthening the alignment between individual and team strengths, needs and motivators with work roles, functions and tasks
  • enhancing clarity of individual roles and team norms to enhance performance and innovation
  • developing an Action Plan based on insights gained to enhance team performance

Participants will receive Individual and Team Birkman data on their Individual and Team Strengths, Needs and Motivators impacting performance in the Workshop which will be used during the Workshop for creating awareness and appreciation of different personalities in the workplace. This will enable teams to leverage on their strengths and motivators for more productive collaboration towards achieving outstanding results or outcomes.