Dr Hee Soo Yin, EdD, MDiv, LLM, LLB (Hons)

Dr Hee Soo Yin, Executive Director, Career and Life Design Consulting is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation), Birkman Certified Master Practitioner, a Certified Leadership and Team Coach, Transformational and Breakthrough Coach, Narrative Coach, a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Journal Facilitator, and a Registered Sandplay Therapist. She brings her knowledge and experience to partner leaders, individuals and teams in inner work to bring about the change they want to create.

Dr Hee Soo Yin is a “people developer” at heart, passionate about helping individuals develop personally, professionally and holistically to realise their potential.

After graduation, Soo Yin practised law for five years before following her heart to make a career change to education. She was a lecturer before moving into leadership and senior management roles in Educational and Staff Development, Continuing Education and Training, Learning and Development.

On founding Career and Life Design Consulting she says,
“What gave me much joy in more than 20 years in education in different roles in private and public organisations was to be able to connect with my passion at work, developing individuals and teams to ‘grow the people’ as we ‘grow the work’ as well as ‘growing myself’ on-the-job in various continuing professional development and in the General and Strategic Management programmes at Harvard Business School and INSEAD, Singapore. “

“I would like to draw from my learning and experience to partner individuals in their personal and professional learning and career development through professional coaching in ways that will help them move towards their full potential. I would also like to partner organisations to nurture a culture that supports working and learning together that will bring out the best in their people to address the changing needs of a complex and constantly changing world.”

Soo Yin’s keen interest in how people learn had seen her researching learning and pioneering new approaches to enhance learning in various formal and informal contexts from problem-based learning to virtual learning and learning at work.

In her doctoral research into how leaders in education learn and how they develop their professional identities, she found that the development of self-awareness, other-awareness and environmental awareness in order to relate, decide and act impacts an individual’s agency or their capacity to act, develop and thrive at work and in life.

She also found that an individual’s frames of looking at himself or herself, others and the world is holistic and involves cognition, affect and conation which relates to one’s purpose, desire or will to action. These frames are adaptable in different contexts in an individual’s internal dialogical process of learning which comprises reiterative interactions with self, others and the environment with “in-side out” self-construction or self transformation.

She continues to explore ways to help individuals learn and develop, especially those that help individuals go deeper to be aware of their Inner Self that they may not yet be aware of. These include using Jungian Sandplay, Mindfulness practices and Journaling. She continues to hone her skills in Narrative Coaching as a mindful, experiential and holistic approach to help individuals and teams shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and new results.

She is convinced that as individuals grow deeper in self-awareness and consciousness, accessing more of what they may not yet be conscious of, they become more free to grow and act in congruence with who they are, their values, interests and strengths and what matters to them in both work and life. This helps individuals engage more authentically and with greater satisfaction and wellbeing to thrive at work and in life. This also helps them to be more resilient and adaptable especially amidst disruptive changes in work and life.

She observes that progressive organisations are beginning to recognise that fostering a culture which honours what is unique of individuals and also deeply human will enable individuals to be able to bring their best self to work with others to respond more dynamically to the complex needs of a world in constant change and disruption.

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